Agenda 28.06.2022 - Day 1


Get together (Foyer)

10:00 Welcome Speech
M. Schwab (4a engineering GmbH)

Mechanical characterization of aluminum extrusions and calibration of constitutive plasticity model
R. Tichy (AVL List)


A methodology for simulating the stochastic behavior of glass under impact loading
S. Kolling (Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen)


Coffee Break

Session A Session B
11:10 VALIMAT next level of automation: Failure Fit
B. Hirschmann (4a engineering GmbH)
Using FBGs for validating simulated residual strains due to composite thermoforming
M. Pollak (FH Wels) 

A new viscoelastic-viscoplastic constitutive formulation in LS-DYNA to model adhesives during the complete manufacturing-crashworthiness process chain
T. Klöppel (DYNAmore GmbH)

Component design for foamed thermoplastic injection molded parts
R. Hofer (2LIMIT GmbH)
12:00 Lunch break
14:00 Challenges towards Multi-scale Material characterization: from macroscopic reverse engineering to mesoscopic numerical approaches
M. Nishi (JSOL Corp.)
active thermography in regards to quality control of polymeric parts
M. Gschwandl (Ottronic Regeltechnik GmbH)
14:25 On the importance of experimental material data in the design of short fiber reinforced lightweight AM components
H. Völkl (mfk Uni Erlangen)
Testing fiber-reinforced plastics/composites
M. Schuler (ZwickRoell)
14:50 The new chapter of unversial material testing
S. Riemelmoser (4a engineering GmbH)
15:15 Predicting the Sound Transmission Loss of porous structures via poro-elastic homogenization
C. Moser (Montanuniversität Leoben)
15:40 Evening Event


Agenda 29.06.2022 - Day 2


10:00 Microstructure-oriented methodology for fatigue performance characterization of laser cut carbon fiber-reinforced polymer
L. Gerdes (TU Dortmund)
10:25 Structural durability development process for short fiber reinforced plastic components
W. Hübsch (Magna)
10:50 Coffee Break
11:10 Development and Efficient Testing of Materials for Light Weight Ballistic Armour
G. Pilz (Montanuniversität Leoben)

Fatigue and corrosion behavior of energy-efficient manufactured Al6082/CFRP hybrids for mobility sector
A. Delp (TU Dortmund)


Lunch break


Recent Activities of Battery Simulation for Thermal Runaway Prediction
H. Ohira (JSOL Corp.) - video presentation


Modular Simulation of Li-Ion Batteries under Use and Abuse Load cases with LS-DYNA
N. Karajan (DYNAmore GmbH)


Assessment of a reliable cell disassembly, sample preparation and characterization of Li-ion battery cells
J. Petro (PCCL)


Battery cell and pack casings in crash and thermal
runaway – modelling and characterisation
M. Schwab (4a engineering GmbH)


Final words
M. Schwab (4a engineering GmbH)