The event this year is dedicated to topics in the field of „plastics on the test rig – testing and simulation “. A deep understanding of the physical and mechanical properties of plastics is essential for the development of their components. Modern simulation tools are indispensable in accelerated product development. The aim of the event is to highlight the possibilities and challenges in the virtual description of the material behavior of plastics in reality. This understanding will greatly benefit reliability and development cycles of plastic components. People that are interested in the fields of plastics, simulations, testing and processing are warmly invited to participate, share ideas and discuss new possibilities.


Agenda 02.03.2020 - Pre-Event VALIMAT™ User Meeting


13:30 VALIMAT® - What's new
14:00 User defined material cards
14:30 Templates and reports
14:45 Coffee break 
15:00 User defined specimen
15:15 Python interface
16:00 Q&A  

Agenda 03.03.2020 - Day 1


Get together (Foyer)

10:30 Welcome Speech
P. Reithofer (4a engineering GmbH)
10:50 Simulation models for the crashworthiness evaluation of light electric power two wheelers in early development stage
B. Wazel (KTM-Technologies GmbH)
11:20 Material characterization and experimental validation of UD CFRP laminate components using LS-Dyna
PhD. M. Nishi (JSOL Corp.), T. Nishihara (Mazda)
cancelled Material characterization in high and low temperatures for safety helmet shock absorption simulations
M. Palm (Husqvarna GmbH)
12:00 Lunch break
Session A Session B
13:45 Impact-modified polyamide compounds
A. Deeb (Akro-plastic GmbH)
  Optimization of bio-inspired multilayer polymers with fracture mechanics principles
PhD. F. Arbeiter (Uni Leoben)

Experimental characterization and material card generation of rubber-toughened polymers
PhD. M. Helbig (Dynamore GmbH)

  Statistical characterization and stochastic finite-element simulation of PMMA
M. Berlinger (THM)
14:35 Investigations on different material models for a thermoplastic polymer in LS-Dyna
B. Hirschmann (4a engineering GmbH)
  Tribological method development from model- to component level
PhD. A. Hausberger (PCCL GmbH)
15:00 Coffee break
Session A Session B  
15:45 Deformation analysis during puncture tests on plastics using 3D image correlation and numerical simulation
C. Jantos (THM)
  Accelerated creep characterization of thermoplastic materials by the stepped isothermal method
PhD. G. Pilz (Montanuniversität Leoben)
16:10 First results of full-field calibration applied to polymer materials
C. Ilg (Dynamore GmbH)
  Possibilities and limitations of linear viscoelastic material models for the numerical evaluation of the long-term behavior of thermoplastics: characterization and parameterization
M. Morak (PCCL GmbH)
16:35 IMPETUS™ - new efficient dynamic tensile test
S. Riemelmoser (4a engineering GmbH)
  Automatic development of material models at large strains using a genetic algorithm
R. Kießling (TU Chemnitz)
18:30 Start of evening event
19:30 Dinner


Agenda 04.03.2020 - Day 2


 Session VMAP
9:30 Physical foaming in injection moulding
Part 1: F. Püringer (Wittmann Battenfeld)
Part 2: B. Jilka (4a engineering GmbH)
10:20 Coffee break
Session A (VMAP)
Session B

Simulation and validation of fatigue performance of weld lines for short-fiber reinforced plastic parts
PhD. M. De Monte (R. Bosch GmbH)

Optimizing mechanical component properties through virtual process design
T. Sonntag (SIGMA)
11:10 Simulation of creep behavior for short-fiber reinforced plastic parts
J. Strauch (R. Bosch GmbH)
  Thermal characterization of polymer and polymer composites – evaluation and comparison of measurement methods
M. Gschwandl (PCCL GmbH)

Multi-level skin modelling for skin-product interaction
E. Lamers (Reden BV)

  Thermo-mechanical modelling of quasi-simultaneous laser transmission welding using LS-Dyna with focus on accuracy of heat input calculation
J. Käsbauer (OTH Regensburg)

Simulation and its validation of the injection stretch blow molding process of containers in the consumer packaged goods industry
O. Valtiner (ALPLA GmbH)

12:00 Lunch break
13:30 Construction and testing of multi-layer support frames
Prof. PhD. S. Wartzack, M. Jäger (mfk - KT)
14:00 Finite element modelling of steel-cable reinforced rubber conveyor belts
S. Frankl (Montanuniversität Leoben)


Final words

Open conversation